Halliburton Reaps Profits from Gulf War II

Star Newspaper (Turkey)

(translated from the Turkish):

When the US intervened in Somalia in 1992, Kellogg Brown and Root (owned by Halliburton) undertook projects worth $62 million.

In 1995, they received $133 million for meeting the needs of the American soldiers who intervened in Haiti.

It was during the Balkan operation in 1995 that Brown and Root made the most money.

The total sum that US spent on sending troops to Bosnia and Kosovo was $6.8 billion. $2.2 billion of this went to Brown and Root for its services.

After September 11, the Pentagon extended its contract with the company for another ten years.

Some argue that the purpose of this sweetheart deal was to halt the decline of Halliburton’s stock after the Enron revelation. (Like Enron, Halliburton
was audited by Arthur Andersen.)

As long as US troops are transported from one place to another, as long as the US expands existing military base and buildsd new ones, Brown and Root-and its parent company-are going to make money. With a war on, they will make even more.

Brown and Root has undertaken new projects with the opening of US bases in Turkey. The project’s total cost is approximately $500 million; Brown and Root is
going to work with five Turkish companies.

Halliburton and BR offices around the world:
Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Egypt, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, India, China, Russian Federation,
Singapore, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Canada, Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Austria, Belgium, Czech Rep., Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, England, Bahrain, Kuwait, Umman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bolivia, Brazil,
Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Surinam, Venezuela.


Another Turkish journalist picked the story up and added the following:

Recently Brown and Root undertook the construction of infrastructure projects at Bargam base in Afghanistan, Khnabad Base in Uzbekistan, and in Guantanamo in Cuba.

Brown and Root has been the contractor for the US bases in Turkey since 1987, in partnership with a company called Vinnell.

This is from Can Dundar, Milliyet newspaper, Feb 22:

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