Issues We Work On — Veterans for Common Sense efforts include:

  • VA Access — Ensuring veterans have appropriate access to VA healthcare, benefits, and services when and where they are needed
  • VA Accountability — Ensuring VA is held accountable for the veterans it was created to serve in effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, and conformity with the law and veterans needs
  • DoD Accountability — Ensuring DoD is held accountable for the troops under its control, including adequate and appropriate force protection on and off the battlefield
  • Fixing and Fully Funding the VA — Ensuring the VA is modernized, adequately and appropriately staffed, and fully funded
  • Opposing VA privatization
  • Suicide — Improving veteran and military suicide prevention, education, and understanding
  • Toxic Exposures — Ensuring justice for veterans with Toxic Exposures during their military service, including:
    • Accountability — Ensuring a full public accounting for all the effects and costs of toxic exposures; and
    • Treatment Research — Supporting medical research aimed at providing them with evidence-based medical treatments; and
    • Healthcare — Ensuring medical research is translated into effective, readily available, evidence-based treatment in VA and military health facilities; and
    • Claims — Ensuring a viable path for approval of VA claims for service-connection;
    • and
    • Never Again — Ensuring lessons learned to protect military servicemembers from future toxic exposures
  • DoD/VA Medical Research — Ensuring military and VA medical research is aimed at improving the health and lives of affected troops and veterans and not at attempting to disavow government responsibility for their adverse health outcomes
  • Veterans Education — Ensuring VA G.I. Bill funds are not wasted via for-profit or other education entities that target G.I. Bill recipients but fraudulently fail to provide educational outcomes required for certification, transferability of credits, etc.
  • Costs of War — Ensuring government officials, the media, and the public fully understand all the costs of war
  • Laws of War — Ensuring the legacy of WWII veterans is preserved through a full understanding of and adherence to the international laws of warfare created as a direct result of and to help preserve their hard-won victory — including outlawing torture
  • Smart Power — Enhancing understanding of the immense value of strategic foreign aid (“smart power”)