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Additional Resources for Veterans (compiled by NOVA)

  • Stateside Legal – Legal Aid
    Helps find legal aid and other local resources of various civil issues.
  • Law School Legal Clinics
    Assists with a variety of legal issues Veterans are facing. Can assist with criminal, civil, and VA benefits.
  • National Veterans Foundation
    Lists Veterans Service Organizations and State Service Organization links. Also lists toll free phone number to connect with NVF Counselor’s who can help with Veteran Crisis Management, information and referral needs.
  • Legal Services Corporation
    This is a list of LSC based programs around the country. Lists Legal aid programs by state for quick reference. This is ideal for Vets in need of assistance with issues such as custody, divorce, custody and civil issues, etc.
  • Pro Bono Resources for Veterans
    Comprehensive state by state list of Pro Bono resources. Issues that they can assist with vary by state and are indicated as such.
  • Service Women’s Action Network