DISAMBIGUATION NOTICE: This is the webpage for Veterans for Common Sense (VCS), a 501(c)(3) veterans service organization based in Washington, DC – not to be confused with the Veterans Coalition for Common Sense or Florida Veterans for Common Sense or the “Florida Veterans for Common Sense Fund”.


About Veterans for Common Sense

Veterans for Common Sense, Inc. is a non-profit education and information organization focused on veterans, military service members, and U.S. foreign affairs.

Veterans for Common Sense is an all-volunteer organization.

Veterans for Common Sense does not engage in partisan political activity of any kind. Veterans for Common Sense does not employ or retain any paid or compensated lobbyists or employees who perform lobbying activities.


What We Do

Veterans for Common Sense engages in:

  • Gathering, analyzing, developing, and publicizing data regarding issues we work on including through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests
  • Public education
  • Policy advising
  • Public relations to help shape the public discussion
  • Public speaking engagements, media interviews, op-eds, and letters to the editor to educate and raise issue awareness
  • Testifying before and advising Congress, governmental, quasi-governmental, national health, and other public entities
  • Serving as a representative of Veterans for Common Sense on federal advisory committees and similar government bodies
  • Sponsoring consumer reviewers for DoD medical research review panels
  • Joining in lawsuits to force government agencies to follow the law
  • Participating in coalitions and with partner organizations that further shared objectives