OP-ED Band of Brothers: Firing Back with Our Own Ad

Swing State

If you haven’t heard of “Midwest Heroes” or seen their ads, prepare to get pretty steamed. Their “Remember” ad recycles two of the most insidious – and most widely discredited – right-wing talking points on the war in Iraq: First, that we’re “making great progress” in Iraq and second, that we had to go to war with Saddam because he was backing Al Qaeda and, of course, was responsible for 9/11. Midwest Heroes tries to insulate itself from criticism by having veterans and the family members of dead soldiers speak, but it won’t fly – not least because they’ve openly lied about who’s in their ads.

Turns out one of the “mothers” extolling her “son’s” sacrifice is actually the poor guy’s step-mom. Warrant Officer Erik Kesterson’s real mother is a Gold Star mom who is opposed to the war. In their ad, MH conviently leaves out this fact, but on their website, they actually refer to Erik’s step-mom as his mom. They haven’t even had the sense – or decency – to change it.

Recycled, discredited talking points. Phony testimonials. Hiding behind the uniform. Par for the course for the GOP – which is why we’re firing back. Band of Brothers has put together its first ad, which you can view here. The online version is in long form – there’s a shorter, made-for-TV version as well. It consists entirely of Fighting Dems explaining what they stand for and why they’ve joined this battle. Needless to say, there’s no bullshit here – it’s just veterans telling the truth.

We’d be grateful for your feedback (be honest!). If you want to help get this ad on the air, you can donate here.

(Thanks to Hesiod for his invaluable series of muck-raking diaries on Midwest Heroes.)

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