June 12, VCS Suggests Watching PBS Special About Military’s Misuse of Personality Disorder Discharges for Wounded Iraq War Veterans

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Is the military wrongfully discharging soldiers in order to deny them benefits?

Veterans for Common Sense encourages you to watch a PBS News special on Friday, June 13.   The show, “Now,” is a collaboration between PBS reporter Maria Hinojosa and Nation magazine reporter Joshua Kors.  They tell the story of Sergeant Chuck Luther, who was struck by mortar fire in Iraq, then jailed until he agreed to sign papers saying his wounds were pre-existing.  Luther is an eloquent speaker with a powerful story. VCS hopes you’ll tune in – and share this message with friends and family so they can see what’s happening to so many of our soldiers.

Alphabetical listing of air times for PBS special “Now” — all dates are for Friday, June 13 unless shown otherwise

* If your city isn’t listed below, please click here for local air times: www.pbs.org/now/sched.html *

Albequerque:  8 PM

Amherst, MA:  8:30 PM

Arlington, VA:  10 PM

Atlanta:  2:30 PM (Sunday, June 15)

Atlantic City, NJ:  10:30 PM

Austin, TX:  7:30 PM

Baltimore:  10 PM

Bangor, ME:  10 PM

Berkeley, CA:  11 PM

Birmingham, AL:  3:30 AM (Sunday, June 15)

Boston:  8:30 PM

Buffalo:  10:30 AM (Sunday, June 15)

Cedar Rapid, IA:  8:30 PM

Charleston, SC:  8:30 PM

Cincinnati:  8:30 PM

Cleveland:  9:30 PM

Colorado Springs, CO:  8:30 PM

Columbia, SC:  8:30 PM

Columbus, OH:  8:30 PM

Dallas:  8 PM

Denver:  8:30 PM

Des Moines:  8:30 PM

Detroit:  11 AM (Sunday, June 15)

Eugene, OR:  4 AM (Saturday, June 14)

Findlay, OH:  8:30 PM

Flint, MI:  8:30 PM

Fort Wayne, IN:  7:30 PM

Hartford, CT:  1:30 AM

Houston:  7:30 PM

Indianapolis:  8:30 PM

Iowa City:  8:30 PM

Jackson, MS:  7:30 PM

Kansas City, MO:  9 AM (Sunday, June 15)

Killeen, TX:  7:30 PM

Manchester, NH:  8:30 PM 

Miami:  11 AM (Sunday, June 22)

Minneapolis:  8:30 PM

Jacksonville, FL:  9 PM

Knoxville, TN:  8:30 PM

Las Vegas:  8:30 PM

Lexington, KT:  9:30 PM

Los Angeles:  9:30 PM

Louisville, KT:  9:30 PM

Madison, WI:  8 PM

Memphis:  8:30 AM (Sunday, June 15)

Milwakee:  7:30 PM

Montgomery, AL:  3:30 AM (Sunday, June 15)

Nashville:  9:30 PM

New Orleans:  12:30 AM (Saturday, June 14)

New York:  8:30 PM

Oakland:  11 PM

Oklahoma City:  7:30 PM

Orlando, FL:  8:30 PM

Philadelphia:  10:30 PM

Phoenix:  7:30 PM

Pittsburgh:  8:30 PM

Portland, ME:  10 PM

Portland, OR:  4 AM (Saturday, June 14)

Reno:  8:30 PM

Richmond, VA:  9:30 PM

Sacramento:  7:30 PM

Salt Lake City:  8 PM

San Antonio:  4:30 PM (Sunday, June 15)

San Diego:  8:30 PM

San Francisco:  11 PM

Santa Monica, CA:  9:30 PM

Seattle:  8 PM

Springfield, IL:  12:30 AM (Saturday, June 14)

Springfield, MA:  8:30 PM

St. George, UT:  8 PM

St. Louis:  7:30 PM

Tallahassee:  8:30 PM

Tampa:  9:30 PM (Friday, June 20)

Tempe, AZ:  7:30 PM

Toledo, OH:  10 PM

Topeka, KS:  10:30 PM (Sunday, June 15)

Tucson, AZ:  8:30 PM

Tulsa, OK:  7:30 PM

Urbana, IL:  7:30 PM

Walnut Creek, CA:  11 PM

Washington, DC:  10 PM

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