VCS Weekly Update: Privacy, Torture and DIA Spying on Americans

October 24, 2005

Dear VCS Members and Supporters:

Veterans for Common Sense last week joined a coalition of privacy-focused organizations in opposition to a $349 million Pentagon database of 12 million Americans of recruitable-age. Much of the data in the database is compiled from commercial sources, such as data broker American Student List LLC. The database violates the Privacy Act in a number of areas.

To find out more about the database and the privacy coalition, follow these links:

Privacy Coalition Letter to Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Recruitment Tool Targeted: Privacy-Minded Coalition Seeks to Quash Pentagon Database

VCS Member Maura Stephens writes this week about torture and why so many in our society don’t see a problem with it. She asks, How can a “civilised society” tolerate the inhumane treatment endured by the people in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and other American prisons?

Unfortunately, even as the electoral process moves forward in Iraq, violence continues to increase. A lengthy article in New York Times Magazine this weekend chronicled a tale of abuse, violence and lack of preparedness for insurgency warfare in Iraq and clearly demonstrates how our own policies in Iraq have made the insurgency much worse.

Last week the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence quietly approved a new provision which will exempt the Defense Intelligence Agency from the Freedom of Information Act and allow it to spy on Americans. Ken Sanders, author of the article linked below, points out that under this provision, none of the information which has been released under the ACLU-VCS FOIA lawsuit would have made it to the public.

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