Nov 10, Civil Liberties News: VCS Urges Our Members to Sign Petition to Close Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp

Close Gitmo

The ACLU and Brave New Foundation are collaborating on a series of videos containing direct testimony from those with firsthand knowledge of the system of injustice that thrives at Gitmo.

November 10, 2008 

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Nothing would make me prouder than to see you act on your first day in office to restore America’s moral leadership in the world. With one stroke of your pen, you can close Guantánamo Bay prison, shut down military commissions, and ban torture. The restoration of American freedom is in your hands. Give us back the America we believe in. see the complete letter>

VCS urges our members and supporters to please view the ACLU / Brave New Foundation video and sign open letter.:

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