Iraq Weapons Talks Begin In Vienna

Sky News

The UN wants to agree a timetable with Baghdad under which the inspectors can return and resume their work.

Chief weapons inspector Hans Blix is confident the two sides will reach an agreement.

In Vienna, Mr Blix said he expected his team to have unlimited access when they return to Iraq after an absence of almost four years.

Sticking point

When asked if there would be any limitations on the sites open to inspectors, Mr Blix said: “No, not that I’m aware of.”

Saddam Hussein’s palaces are expected to be a sticking point in the two-day talks.

But Mr Blix said he did not expect that the palaces would be closed to the UN teams.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is holding a separate meeting.


Members are considering a tough new resolution threatening Saddam with war unless the inspections go ahead.

The current version of the draft would give Saddam Hussein a week to accept unlimited weapons inspections.

China, France and Russia have all expressed concern over such a move.

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