Arab League says don’t hinder Iraq-U.N. deal


“The success of the inspectors’ mission will be linked to the cooperation of the Iraqi government and the extent of the support the inspection team gets from the international community by not taking any positions which hinder inspections,” Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said in a statement.

Iraqi arms experts and U.N. weapons inspectors struck a deal in Vienna on Tuesday allowing U.N. arms experts back — but the United States rejected any resumption of inspections before a tough new Security Council resolution was in place.

The statement, in which Moussa welcomed the deal and said it included “positive steps” to resolve the Iraq issue, did not elaborate on what positions could create obstacles for the inspectors.

Washington wants the Security Council to adopt a resolution delaying the return of inspectors until Baghdad provides a list of any nuclear, germ or chemical weapons and related material.

A draft of the resolution authorises a military strike and is under discussion by the five permanent U.N. Security Council members, but only Britain has backed the U.S. move so far.

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