Gulf War II Price Tag For Each State

Here is the National Priorities Project’s recent factsheet on the “Cost of Invading Iraq to your State.”

Please go to our website at:

and see page 2 for your state’s price tag.

You may want to consider using this factsheet to contrast the enormous amount of money it will cost your state to go to war with your state’s current fiscal crisis and proposed budget cuts.

Can your state afford to spend hundreds of millions, or billions, of dollars to fight this war? Or will your tax dollars provide more security by addressing the millions of people who have no health insurance, whose schools are falling apart, who can’t find the training to get out of low-wage jobs?

Other possibilities: write an op-ed or letter to the editor, talk to your elected officials. Circulate the factsheets to your local chapters and groups. Post the link on your website. Inform the public!

Please check out our website at

For more data on needs in your state, see our database at

Thank you and good luck (to us all!) in your efforts.

Pamela Schwartz, Outreach Director, National Priorities Project, 17 New South Street Suite 302, Northampton, MA 01060, 413-584-9556 (phone), 413-586-9647 (fax), email:

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