White House Forgets Korean War

White House Press Conference

Reporter’s Question: But is the [Bush] administration’s only view — I mean, you have not only that, but you have them wanting to restart nuclear power plants, the announcement that they were pursuing a nuclear program not that long ago. And all the administration is saying is this is a serious problem. How does it not compare to what’s going on in Iraq?

MR. FLEISCHER: Because the situation in Iraq involves somebody who has used force in the past to attack and invade his neighbors. That is not the history of North Korea for the last 50 years. And so it’s not — it is exactly analogous. The world is not — can not just be treated as a photocopy machine where policies in one part of the world need to be identically copied for another. It’s a much more complicated endeavor than that.

Note the law and the facts contradict Fleischer: North Korea and South Korea, remain a nation devided. According to 38 USC Section 101(9): “The term ‘Korean conflict’ means the period beginning on June 27, 1950, and ending on January 31, 1955.” In addition, the U.S. military still occupies South Korea, 47 years later. There is no resolution to the Korean War.

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