The Unnecessary War

The Black World Today

Like a runaway train racing down a slippery track destined for a crashing living hell; America, under the leadership of George W. Bush, rushes headlong into what many believe will be the most apocalyptic war that the world has ever known.

Just what is driving this president to under take such an unprecedented, irrational and ill-advised operation? Bush’s hatred of Saddam Hussein and his Iraqi regime verges on the pathologic. While his approach is mistaken, irrational, and even illegal by international standards; Bush and his war cabinet is listening to no one. War it appears is inevitable; a “fait accompli.”

The president has surrounded himself with men who are probably some of the most dangerous counselors that have ever advised a US president. I speak of men out of the public eye like Paul Wolfowitz and Lewis Libby who work for Rumsfeld and Cheney respectfully.

Both of these men, along with vice-president Cheney and national security adviser Dr. Condoleezza Rice have attempted to rewrite the way that America views the world.

Gone is the American paradigm of being the peaceful world power that respects the sovereignty of nations and who only attacks when attacked. Gone are the doctrines of deterrence, containment, diplomacy, multilateralism and perestroika.

Since 9/11 it now appears that US foreign policy is driven by the desire to dominate the global community. Never in the history of this union has America ever been the instigator of war; at least not so blatantly.

The Bush White House goals it appears are to establish a permanent dominance over all of Eurasia and the Middle East. A world is then assumed that would include US military presence as a “constant fixture” much like the days when the imperial Roman army ruled the world. It is interesting, yet seldom reported, that even prior to Bush becoming president as well as before the terrible downing of the World Trade Center; that there was a plan created by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby and the president’s younger brother, Jeb; to attack Iraq to secure regime change.

These people knew that in order to control the Middle East gulf region and the precious oil fields and oil routes of the world; that they had to control the government in Iraq. That would be impossible as long as Saddem remains in power. The plan was created as a project with the neo-conservative think-tank, Project for the New American Century. With Syria weakened, Iran unstable, Afghanistan defeated; only Iraq remains an obstacle to the creation of a ‘global Pax Americana.’

Of course the moderate Arabs states of the Arabian Peninsula as well as the moderate Arab and pro western nations of Turkey, Jordan and Egypt are already pawns in the claws of the great American bald eagle. While Russia looks the other way, because she is so caught in her own internal woes and with the indifference of China, America is free to create the new world order that George Bush, the first, spoke of so defiantly during his administration.

While Saddam might be ruthless and probably does harbor weapons of mass destruction; so do the North Koreans, the Chinese, the Iranians, Libyans, Syrians, Israelis and so do we, just to name a few. The Bush blueprint for US global domination hinted that the US may consider using biological weapons. It talked about new methods of attack with combat taking place in new dimensions; with advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target specific genotypes which may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” And besides after all we have the “bomb.”

There is no reason for us to justly invade Iraq. At this point we must allow the United Nations, as General Powell has suggested, to handle the disarming and dismantling of any weapons of mass destruction that Iraq might have. The current beating of the war drums by the Bush administration is puzzling; especially given the fact that Saddem has done nothing to us or any of our allies at this point. A so called preventive strike against Iraq is doomed to backfire and plunge the world into an abyss of darkness worst than anything that the world has ever seen.

It will cause wars of mass destruction that the preemptive strike is suppose to deter. We will see an unprecedented wave of terrorism unlike anything that we could have ever imagined. With the rule of international law and the laws of sovereignty completed destroyed other states will launch similar strikes in their own best interests.

There will be a complete break down in world alliances and order as the Arab world will come to the aid of Arabs against westerners, Christians and Jews. Rogue states such as Libya and North Korea will have an excuse and license to attack who ever they please. Israel and Taiwan will lay open to be raped, plundered and ravaged; as America would be so occupied with trying to contain the evils that she unleashed by a preemptive strike, that she would no longer be the guardian of freedom around the global community.

Pakistan will surely drop the bomb on India while no one is watching, because of the occupation of war between the Arabs and the West. And why not; if America can invade Iraq, why can’t the Pakistani invade the Indians, or vice versa? The damage that will be done to the environment will be devastating with the use of biological weapons.

Economically the world, because we are all now one village, will be plunged into the greatest depression that is imaginable. Deficit spending in America is already at an all time high. Oil prices will cause such a catastrophe that America might not recover for decades as oil fields in the gulf regions will burn for decades. Then there are the causalities….millions of innocent civilians will die in urban centers all over the world, America included.

This war is about insanity, power, empire, oil and white male machismo. This war is totally immoral, unwarranted and unnecessary.

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