Two UK Gulf War POWs Speak Against Gulf War II

The Call to Peace from Gulf War Heros

No one can tell John Peters and John Nicol anything about the brutality of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

They suffered grievously for fighting against the Iraqi despot in the war to free Kuwait.

They were shot down, captured, beaten and tortured. Yet yesterday, as another 100 British planes were ordered to the Gulf, both former airmen spoke out against waging a new war on Iraq.

Like others who have actually taken part in military conflict, they understand it is necessary but must be the last resort.

And we are not yet at that stage in the struggle to control Saddam. He may want to possess weapons of mass destruction, he may want to attack other nations, but there is no evidence he is anywhere near being able to.

That is why so many former military men have come out against war at the moment. Like John Peters and John Nicol, they don’t believe action is necessary – and think it might be dangerous.

We know the British generals are dubious about invading Iraq. Their opposite numbers in the US are likely to feel the same.

As ever, the politicians who order in troops do so from a position of comfort and safety. Neither George W. Bush nor Tony Blair have personal experience of warfare.

They should listen to the men who do.

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