VA Lies to New Gulf War Veterans

“As a result of Iraq’s refual to comply with United Nations’ mandates regarding weapons of mass destruction, the US began deploying troops to the Gulf region in late 2002.”

“Coalition forces subsequently won a decisive victory over Saddam Hussein’s regime in April 2003, in Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Note: VA, a government agency designed to help ill and disabled veterans, is telling lies to returning veterans:

1. VA told veterans Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in 2003. Not true. None were found by the United Nations or United States. This raises the question: Since when does a healthcare agency become a proponent of a policy based fabricated evidence and lies told by the President?

2. VA told veterans the US began deploying troops in 2002. In fact, US troops have been deployed in large numbers since August 1990, 12 years earlier. Under the law, a state of “war” has existed between the US and Iraq since August 2, 1990.

3. VA told veterans the US “won” the war against Iraq. This raises the obvious question: How could the US have won when the US commanding general in the region said the war isn’t over? This VA lie flies in the face of the horror that US soldiers are getting killed every day by enemy fire?

4. VA told veterans that “stress” played a major role in illnesses among veterans serving in the war in 1991. In fact VA Deputy Secretary Leo Mackay told top scientists the illnesses are neurological in nature, and apologized for earlier false military claims the illnesses were stress related.

5. VA failed to tell veterans about the hazards of the experimental the anthrax and small pox vaccines.

6. And VA failed to tell veterans about the large amounts of toxic and radioactive depleted uranium (DU)dust on the battlefield. VA and DoD are failing to examine and treat veterans exposed to DU.

7. On the bright side, VA listed referral sources, including VA Vet Centers. VA listed benefits, such as compensation for undiagnosed illnesses, available to veterans who served in Southwest Asia.

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