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Operation Truth Media Campaign!

Today, Operation Truth is launching a new television advertisement, and we need your financial help to get it on the air. Beginning October 12th, our goal is to raise $200,000 in five days. Why am I, an Iraq Vet, trying to do this? Because this ad will help me tell my story.

Watch the Ad! – Click on the desired format:   Windows Media File     Quicktime

I am Robert Acosta. When my country called, I went to Iraq without hesitation. Make no mistake, I am proud of my service and proud of my fellow troops. But for many troops like me, there was a tremendous cost. See, while driving with another soldier, a grenade was tossed into the cab of my truck. I saw the pin was pulled and smoke was starting to come out of the top. I struggled to reach the grenade as we sped off, but I couldn’t get to it in time. My leg was severely injured and I lost my arm as a result of the explosion. I swore I was going to die, and even told my friend who was driving to tell my parents that I loved them.

I’m not looking for pity by telling my story or by being in this ad, I’m a soldier and do what I have to do. But, I’m trying to make an important point. The Pentagon will only refer to me as a number — one of the 7,700 wounded in action. They don’t want you to know who I am or who the others coming back severely injured are. They don’t want you to see what we see in the mirror everyday. I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s tough to look at. But it’s important because no American can make a fully informed judgement about the war without looking at and listening to the men and women coming home.

That’s what Operation Truth is allowing guys like me to do – show you my face and tell you my story. That’s why it’s important that you donate right now to get this ad on the air, and tell as many friends as you can. They have to see and hear guys like me if they want to make a real judgement about the war.

Please take the time to watch the ad, donate as much as you can to Operation Truth, and forward this message on to as many friends and family as you can.

Thank you for supporting us troops and God bless,

Robert Acosta

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