Man Claims Anthrax Vaccine Almost Killed Him

First Coast News

Man Claims Anthrax Vaccine Almost Killed Him

By Tiani Jones
First Coast News

ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida — A St. Augustine man is joining hundreds of military men and women around the country, who claim the Anthrax Vaccine they were forced to take is now making them sick.

24-year-old Brad Priester said after taking the vaccine he went from being a healthy, energetic young man to having dozens of medical ailments.

“My heart is irregular now, it’s enlarged, I have high blood pressure, I have renal failure of course. I was on dialysis for nine months. My legs don’t bend, my hands don’t bend like they used to,” explains Priester.

Doctors have diagnosed him with auto-immune disease.

His mother, Cheryl Preister, says she’s watched her son deteriorate, and believes the vaccine is the cause.

“Before he got it, I said to him, I don’t really think you should get that vaccine,” said Cheryl.

But, he had no choice. Up until last week, all military personnel where forced to be vaccinated.

A federal judge put a stop to the requirement saying it was illegal.

Some believe the ruling also stemmed from people like Brad who claim the vaccine is dangerous.

“Our family has been through a living hell to almost see your 23-year-old son die,” exclaims Cheryl. “The government is wrong, and they need to take care of all these people that they’ve hurt.”

The Department of defense says they continue to believe that the vaccine is “safe and effective.”

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