Vacations 50, Funerals 0 — Keeping Score for G.W. Bush

Operation Truth

Vacations 50, Funerals 0 — Keeping Score for G.W. Bush

50 to 0 is quite a score.

Fifty vacations for George W. Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas and zero funerals for soldiers or marines killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

It’s not about enough time, its about priorities — the President’s priorities.

If George W. Bush were a War President, instead of a “Struggle President,” he would interrupt his vacation for a day and fly to Ohio where 14 marine reservists are returning home in coffins. Such a one day interruption in his vacation schedule would not be a statement of defeat but a visible sign that he shares the pain and respects the honor the citizens of Ohio bestow on their native sons.

It would be an acknowledgement that sacrifices are being borne by a small patriotic portion of this great country — an acknowledgement that this war has a cost, and a face — usually a young one.

But it is not to be. The President is on vacation(s) and the country struggles along.

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