Letter to the Editor – Iraq War Isn’t Worth the Cost in Lives, Suffering

Free Lance-Star

May 14, 2007 – Do most of us really know what war is? Did we ever see anyone get shot through the temple and fall dead at your feet?

Then a minute later, as one of your friends falls beside you, look down and see that his chin is blown off? You carry your friend, who is bleeding profusely, away from what is left of his face to an aid station. He is one of the lucky ones. He has made his payment for our freedom and is going home.

Another friend has his arm blown off; he doesn’t say much about it, though. His only concern is how he is going to work on his farm.

How many of us have seen the providence of God when a mortar shell lands beside your head but fails to go off?

I’m a World War II veteran. And, like FDR, I hate war; it should be avoided if possible. The price of war is high. I’ve seen it; I’ve felt it. I have scars both internal and external.

For the cause of that time, I answered, and for that cause I would answer again today.

The Iraq war is another matter, though. This war is based on mistakes made from its outset. The reasoning for the war evolved from weapons of mass destruction to liberation of the Iraqi people.

For liberation to be truthful, one must want to be liberated. The logic of the current administration is to say that if you aren’t for the war, you are against the troops.

What action would be better for our troops than to remove them from a war that was started from political mistakes?

Why should our troops pay for these mistakes? Let’s get our troops out now, and let the Iraqis earn their own liberty, as we did.

If you agree with this war and want to stay the course, the recruiting office is open and ready for business.

William Deel Jr. Locust Grove

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