VCS Veterans Day Update: Lots of Breaking News

VCS Veterans Day Update – Lots of Breaking News

Dear VCS  Supporter:

One day in our future, what will it sound like in our homes when the Iraq War nightmare ends? Today’s holiday, formerly Armistice Day, was originally intended for us to gather in schools and religious sanctuaries and discuss the Great War and how to promote better relations among nations.

America needs accurate information about the serious and escalating consequences of war. Today, with the Iraq and Afghanistan wars worsening by the day, I awoke to a newspaper stuffed with 41 advertising inserts – only 7 of them offering discounts due to Veterans Day. Yesterday, while attending my daughter’s volleyball game, I asked a fellow parent about their plans for the three day holiday weekend. The parent said, “What holiday?” I replied, “Veterans Day.” She said, “What’s that.”

While some Americas enjoyed a day off without actually knowing why, VCS worked to raise public awareness about our veterans’ needs. Please share our VCS e-mails because, as a society, we have an individual and collective responsibility to learn the facts about the devastating consequences the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have on our soldiers, veterans, and their families.

Now for your weekly VCS news items:

* Australia’s new SBS “Dateline” documentary features VCS.

* Our VCS National Law Journal column about our class action lawsuit against VA.

* Our VCS letter opposing President George W. Bush’s nomination of retired Army Surgeon James Peake to lead VA.

* AP news article quotes VCS about illegal discrimination against our returning Iraq and Afghanistan war Reservists.

And more important items to share:

* The Boston Globe followed a Marine unit, “New England’s Own,” for one year, and their story was published today. Please watch the videos by reporter Charlie Sennot and photographer Bill Greene – they should earn a Pulitzer Prize in journalism for their informative seven part series.

* CBS Evening News with Katie Couric plans to broadcast a two-part investigative news story about the tragic epidemic of suicides among those who served in our military. Please watch CBS News on Tues., Nov. 13, and on Wed., Nov. 14.

* New VA Development: In 2004, then-Army Surgeon General James Peake gave misleading information to Congress about Iraq War Army suicides caused by Lariam pills. VCS urges you to pick up the phone and call Senators to block Peake’s confirmation because some Senators are taking strong interest in his role causing the Walter Reed scandal.

The Iraq War tidal waves VCS accurately predicted keep crashing on our home shores: House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Bob Filner estimates VA will treat 300,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans in 2008. And news reports indicate 1.8 million veterans lack medical insurance – a national disgrace.

Our VCS message for Veterans Day: let us remember our veterans’ dedication to protect and defend our Constitution, and let us honor our social contract so they receive prompt and high-quality medical care and benefits.

This Veterans Day, VCS launches our end-of-year fundraising drive. As a non-profit recognized by the IRS, we rely on the generosity of our supporters like you. VCS made a huge difference this Veterans Day raising broad national awareness about challenges veterans face.

If you like what we do, please donate to VCS today. Our executive director (that’s me) will be making calls soon to our previous donors asking for your continuing support.

Thank you, welcome home, and I hope you had a nice Veterans Day.

Paul Sullivan, Executive Director
Veterans for Common Sense

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