Dec. 21: VCS Offers Copies of ‘The Ground Truth’

VCS Offers Four Free Copies of Documentary Film, ‘The Ground Truth’

VCS Sets Goal of Raising $10,000 by Dec. 31

Dear VCS Supporter:

Today is the fourth day of our year-end fundraising drive. We are asking for your support to continue our work in 2008.

We are offering a free copy of the excellent documentary film, “The Ground Truth” to our first four donors this weekend mentioning this offer (a minimum suggested donation of $100 is appreciated).

Please read about our $10,000 VCS fundraising goal for December.

And learn more about our 2008 VCS policy goals for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

As part of our year-end fundraising appeal, a donor agreed to donate $10,000 if our 12,000 VCS members contributed $10,000 before December 31.

Please help VCS obtain these matching funds by donating to VCS today.

With your support, we will continue publicizing our positions on key issues and fight to improve government policies for our veterans, our national security, and our civil liberties.

Please think about donating to VCS. Think about the World War I veterans who led the Bonus Army. Never again should our veterans have to march on Washington to obtain benefits.

Thank you,

Paul Sullivan
Executive Director
Veterans for Common Sense

VCS provides advocacy and publicity for issues related to veterans, national security, and civil liberties. VCS is registered with the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and donations to VCS are tax deductible. VCS does not provide direct services to veterans.

Help us meet our urgent fundraising goal by December 31, 2007.

Six Easy Ways to Support Veterans for Common Sense

1. GroundSpring: Give by credit card through

2. PayPal: Make a donation to VCS through PayPal

3. DonationLine: Donate your car to VCS through DonationLine

4. GiveLine: Shopping and community-minded giving to VCS through 

5. eBay: Designate VCS to benefit from your auction

6. Send a check to:
Veterans for Common Sense
P.O. Box 15514
Washington, DC 20003



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