VCS Issues Statement on Enactment of ‘Dignity for Wounded Warriors Act’

Veterans for Common Sense

VCS released a statement regarding the enactment of the “Dignity for Wounded Warriors Act,” a bill contained in the large Defense Bill the President signed on Jan. 28.

Veterans for Common Sense is very pleased that Congress acted quickly to fix the bureaucratic nightmare facing our wounded, injured, and ill veterans highlighted by several military and VA scandals, including the tragic suicides of war veterans improperly turned away from medical care.

We look forward to working with the Congress, the military and the VA so the government can aggressively and quickly implement key provisions in the law, especially the VA’s new requirement to provide five years of free medical care to all our veterans who deployed to the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones.

VCS thanks our more than 12,000 members for calling, sending letters, and visiting Congress so that we could fix the enormous cracks in the healthcare and disability systems within the military and VA.  We also thank the many other veterans groups working together to successfully implement these improvements, especially “Empowering Veterans” and “Veterans and Military Families for Progress,” as the three organizations worked as a team on this bill.

In our view, never again must our wounded, injured, and ill wait endlessly for military or VA healthcare and benefits due to a lack of funding or due to difficult government red tape.

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