Iraq War Veteran Announces His Bid for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District

Minnesota Public Radio

February 7, 2008 – St. Paul, Minn. — Democrat Steve Sarvi has officially announced his campaign for Congress in Minnesota’s Second District.

Sarvi, a former Watertown, Minn., mayor, made the announcement at the State Capitol Thursday.

He said he wants to make college tuition more affordable and provide middle class tax breaks by rolling back the Bush tax cuts on top earners.

Sarvi, who is a veteran of Kosovo and Iraq, criticized Republican Congressman John Kline for being an ally of President Bush.

“I learned in the Army that when you think you’re off course, you should stop, check your compass and change direction as needed. And after five years without the kind of service and representation that south suburban voters deserve, it’s time to change course,” Sarvi said.

Sarvi said he did not support an immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq, but he would like to see the Pentagon start working on scenarios that could “start ending America’s involvement in it.”

Minnesota’s Second Congressional District includes the southern metro area and several rural communities south of the Twin Cities.

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