British Journalist Kidnapped in Iraq ‘In Good Health’

The Guardian

February 27, 2008 – A British CBS journalist kidnapped in the southern Iraqi city of Basra more than two weeks ago is in good health but remains in captivity, according to an Iraqi source.

News agency Associated Press has reported that the Briton, who works for the American television network CBS but who has not been officially named, was still in Basra and negotiations were continuing for his release.

An Iraqi interpreter who was abducted alongside him on February 10 was released three days later and it was expected the journalist would be freed soon after – but he has not yet been released.

Harith al-Edhari, a director of radical Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s office in Basra, told AP last night that the journalist was still in Basra and was in good health.

Al-Edhari said his office was negotiating with the kidnappers and that he was confident the journalist would be released.

Both CBS and the Foreign Office said they had no further public statements to make about the kidnapping.

However, public appeals for the Briton’s release have been made in Arabic in Iraq and an intensive behind-the-scenes effort is being made to free him.

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