Mar. 13 Update: VCS Reviews Blockbuster Book About President Bush’s $3 Trillion Iraq War Fiasco

VCS Reviews Book About Iraq War Costs – Bush’s Endless $3 Trillion Fiasco Crushes Our Military, Our VA, and Our Economy

A fantastic new book details exactly how President George W. Bush’s lost Iraq War fiasco bleeds our country of precious life and money every day. For the first time ever, two authors with impeccable objective academic credentials catalog the long-hidden human and financial consequences of the most disastrous foreign policy mistake in our history.

Thanks to your financial support, Veterans for Common Sense provided the authors of The Three Trillion Dollar War with hundreds of pages of official government documents VCS obtained using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). We were honored to assist in this crucial effort.

The book, packed with facts and written in plain language for the American public, was written by Columbia University Professor Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, and Harvard University Professor Linda Bilmes, a former Assistant Secretary of Commerce. The book is perfect for schools and will serve as the benchmark for the need for open government and the power of FOIA.

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Due to the authors’ strong dedication to a reality-based world, the devastating facts from the two wars are now reported in the press. The military now admits there are nearly 74,000 battlefield casualties – defined as killed, wounded, injured, and ill. And VA now confirms there are 300,000 walking wounded U.S. veterans. The 40-year price tag for healthcare and disability benefits for our veterans may reach $700 billion.

As a result of the incomplete and misleading information produced by the military and VA since 2001 until this book was published, the public was mostly oblivious to the true human and financial costs of the wars. Others we rely upon for oversight were left in the cold: Congress, reporters, and academics were unable to obtain critical facts about the total cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

In stepped VCS to fill the gap on the cost of caring for veterans. We used FOIA because the Bush administration orchestrated a broad attempt to deliberately conceal the human and financial consequences of the two wars.

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All Americans – especially returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, reporters, and legislators – must read this book to fully comprehend the enormous long-term human and financial consequences from the two wars charged to our grand children’s credit cards. The significance of this information is only beginning to be felt.

The Three Trillion Dollar War also provides several reasonable and responsible recommendations on how to fix VA’s problems so that we don’t repeat the mistake of abandoning our veterans again. VCS supports these solid reforms proposed by Stiglitz and Bilmes because we want veterans to know about VA, for veterans to want to seek help at VA, and for VA to be fully prepared to assist all of our Nation’s veterans.

All Americans, especially veterans and our families, should thank the authors for sounding the alarm about the recklessness of the current administration. The lesson from the book is ominous: unless we plan now for the long-term care for an estimated 700,000 disabled veterans, the social consequences will be devastating – an increased risk of more broken homes, higher unemployment, more drug and alcohol abuse, increased homelessness, and even suicides.

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Thanks to your generous support, Veterans for Common Sense was able to devote hundreds of hours time and other resources needed to identify and obtain the documents that made this book possible. Please continue supporting VCS in all of our endeavors for veterans!

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Paul Sullivan
Executive Director
Veterans for Common Sense

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