Apr. 14 Weekly Update – Multiple Tours of Duty – Who Will Serve?

April 14 Update – General Petraeus tells Congress to halt troop cuts. What condition must a soldier be in to serve again? And again? And again?

There were no suprises in General David Petraeus’ testimony before Congress last week. The war in Iraq is going well, but not so well that we don’t need an infinite number of soldiers securing the country for freedom and democracy. While the politicians in Washington debate funding and troop levels and Americans call for troops to come home, our soldiers are sent off to battle again and again and again.

As though ignorant to all other reports about the Iraq War, President Bush halts troop withdrawals, putting even more strain on our already overburdened military.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are producing more instances of post-traumatic stress disorder than any other wars in history. Traumatic Brain Injury has become the emblamatic wound of the two wars. Yet we see a dearth of treatment offered in the war zone and at VA centers across the country. Even worse, in an effort to meet demands for troop levels, soldiers are being taken out of hospitals and sent back to the war zone.

This is wrong on so many levels. Veterans for Common Sense vehemently opposes the military going against doctors’ orders to meet the required troop levels. Sending injured soldiers back to the battlefield is potentially deadly for the soldiers and endangers everyone around them. Contribute to VCS today to help us get the word out about this abhorrent behavior.

It is not only Veterans for Common Sense calling for leniency here. The Army is worried about the rising stress of return tours to Iraq. Their cries fall on deaf ears.

Unequivocally, soldiers suffering from PTSD need recovery time, not another tour of duty. When soldiers are sent back to the war zone when they are already wounded from their service, the results can be tragic. Taking care of our soldiers must be a priority.

Veterans for Common Sense believes it is unconscionable for our leaders to display such little regard for the troops who have devoted themselves to protection of our Constitution. Please contribute today to help us inject Common Sense into the chaos of debate surrounding the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Thank you,

Libby Creagh
Development Director

Veterans for Common Sense

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