Veterans for Peace Ask Congressman Conyers to Impeach President Bush Over Iraq War

Common Dreams

May 16, 2008, Washington, DC – A national veterans’ organization today sent a letter to Representative John Conyers, head of the House Judiciary Committee, requesting a meeting with him to deliver over 10,000 signatures on a petition to impeach George W. Bush. Impeachment hearings would have to be convened by the Michigan Democrat.

The president of Veterans For Peace, Elliott Adams, wrote Conyers requesting a meeting in early June to deliver their petitions. In it, he pointed out that by invading and occupying Iraq, the Bush administration has violated the U.S. Constitution, domestic laws and international treaties.

Adams’ letter said, “Having taken an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, our members take…the obligation to impeach George W. Bush most seriously…we must hold this administration accountable for waging a war of aggression against Iraq.”

The former paratrooper and Viet Nam combat vet reminded the 21-term Representative from Detroit that, “You have taken the same oath, Congressman Conyers, and we expect you will hold it just as sacred as we do and begin impeachment hearings at the soonest possible moment.”

Adams concluded his request by writing, “Congressman Conyers, you have stood on the side of justice in battles too numerous to mention during your long career in the House. Will you one day go into retirement with a shadow over your entire record because you did not do everything possible to hold this criminal administration accountable? We genuinely hope not.”

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