June 9, VCS Lawsuit Update: Please Attend Court Hearing on June 10 in San Francisco

Please watch the news for more headlines about our VCS and Veterans United for Truth lawsuit against VA.  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, please consider attending a new court hearing scheduled for Tuesday, June 10 at 10:00 a.m. in Courtroom #1, at the U.S. Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco.

Here’s why there is another court hearing.  In May, a new VA e-mail surfaced where a PTSD clinic manager in Texas discouraged her staff from diagnosing veterans with PTSD due to staffing and budget constraints.  The VA’s Dr. Norma Perez advised VA psychiatrists and psychologists to improperly diagnose veterans with Adjustment Disorder, and this might prevent veterans from recieving VA healthcare and disability benefits. VCS is outraged at this callous treatment and misdiagnosing of our veterans.

Judge Samuel Conti, who is presiding over our lawsuit against VA, ordered VA into court this Tuesday to explain the e-mail. VCS believes VA misled the court by failing to release this e-mail during the trial. In his order, Judge Conti wrote, ” . . . the e-mail raises potentially serious questions . . . .”

Congress held hearings on Dr. Perez’ e-mail last week.  VCS supports strong Congressional oversight of VA. “Once again VA’s political appointees were taken to the woodshed by an alert Congress for repeatedly failing our veterans,” stated Paul Sullivan, VCS Executive Director.

The New York Times quoted VCS head attorney, Gordon Erspamer, as saying the VA e-mail is “part of a systemic pattern where there’s a divergence between the pristine world of the V.A.’s central office and what goes on around the country.”

Veterans for Common Sense works tirelessly in our lawsuit against VA. We are not asking the judge for financial compensation; rather, we are fighting to ensure our veterans receive the care they deserve and earned through their service to our country.

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VCS filed our lawsuit against VA because of the many tragic news articles, such as Gary Connellis, who said: “I don’t know who to turn to, what else to do.”

VCS leads the way publicizing VA issues and changing VA policy to be more veteran-friendly.  Please set up a sustaining contribution and support veterans all year long.

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