U.S. War Resister Avoids Deportation

Ottawa Citizen

July 10, 2008 – U.S. war resister Corey Glass is looking at spending “at least a couple more months in Canada” after a federal court granted him a stay of removal.

“I was shocked,” Mr. Glass said shortly after receiving the phone call yesterday afternoon telling him he could stay in Canada.

“I had my bags ready and had moved out of my apartment. So I’m in the process of looking for another apartment,” said Mr. Glass, 25.

Mr. Glass, who came to Canada in 2006, was scheduled to be deported to the United States today.

Geraldine Sadoway, one of the lawyers for Mr. Glass, said the Iraq war veteran who served with the National Guard will remain in Canada while the court reviews and decides on his applications for leave and judicial review.

Meanwhile, Canadian anti-war groups and supporters of American army deserters from the war in Iraq are stepping up their fight to keep war resister Robin Long from being deported to the U.S.

“Our lawyers are applying for a stay of deportation,” Bob Ages, chairman of the Vancouver War Resisters Support Campaign, said yesterday.

Mr. Long, who deserted the U.S. military and fled to Canada to avoid being sent to Iraq, could be deported as early as Monday despite a recent non-binding vote by Parliament allowing U.S. soldiers opposed to the war in Iraq to stay in Canada.

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