Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the VA’s Decision to Allow Veterans Access to Voter Registration Services

Obama 08

September 8, 2008 – U.S. Senator Barack Obama today released the following statement after the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reversed its earlier decision to deny voter registration services to veterans in the Department’s facilities throughout the country. In July, Senator Obama joined with Senators Feinstein and Kerry to introduce legislation to require the VA to provide veterans access to voter registration:

“This reversal is a tremendously important step to ensuring our veterans can exercise their right to vote. I commend Secretary Peake’s decision today. The key will be implementation. We must ensure that the VA’s doors are open to non-partisan groups, as well as state and local government agencies, to enable veterans to register to vote in a timely fashion, complete absentee ballots, and receive rides to the polls. Our nation’s service members and veterans have sacrificed so much for our country on the battlefield that we cannot allow them to fight another battle here at home for the benefits and rights they deserve – especially the right to vote.”

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