Sep 22, Weekly Update: VCS Hits the Road to Share VCS Values

September 22, 2008 -VCS takes our message on national security, civil liberties, and veterans on the road. September, October, and November are important months for making change in America, and we are traveling around to country to make your voice heard.

We have already testified before Congress in favor of veteran voting rights. On September 15, VCS testified before the Senate Rules and Means Committee in support of S. 3308 so tens of thousands of our veterans in nursing homes can register and vote. In one piece of remarkable news, VA’s home page last week encouraged veterans to register and vote.

Next, VCS will be speaking at the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates in San Francisco on September 27. NOVA is the nation’s leading organization of attorneys who assist veterans with their VA disability claims.

Remember, VCS is a non-partisan, non-profit organization working to make the voices of veterans’ heard. Please make a tax-deductible gift of $25 or $50 to VCS today. We need the support of members like you to maintain our outreach efforts.

Next, VCS flys to Sarasota, Florida speaking with Dr. Juan Cole at an event co-sponsored by Florida Veterans for Common Sense and Florida Consumer Action Network. Dr. Cole is a leading expert on the Middle East. Here’s a glimpse of what I plan to say in Sarasota on October 4.

Finally, later in October, VCS heads back to San Francisco, California to be honored at a Disability Rights Advocate Dinner. I will be the receipient of an Eagle Award for the work VCS does on behalf of our Nation’s disabled veterans. This work would not have been possible without the support of our more than 13,000 members like you.

Please, take a moment to set up a sustaining monthly contribution to Veterans for Common Sense so we can keep travelling around American speaking about the issues you care about.

Finally, I ask you to register today and then vote on Nov 4. If you can’t vote in person, find out how you can vote early or vote by absentee ballot, especially if you are overseas. Our veterans fought for your right to vote – so please use it. If our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan can stand between an enemy bullet and our Constitution, then we can easily vote on Nov. 4.

Thank you! 

Paul Sullivan, Executive Director, Veterans for Common Sense

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