Group of Veterans Call for Bush Impeachment


September 23, 2008 –  Five war veterans have begun a 24-hour hunger strike at the National Archives to protest what they call President George W. Bush’s violations of the Constitution.

Members of Veterans For Peace climbed a nine-foot fence early Tuesday and are sitting on the edge of a platform at an entrance to the marble building.

They have hung a large banner across three columns that reads “Defend Our Constitution. Arrest Bush/Cheney: War Criminals!”

The occupation of Iraq, the unlawful detention of prisoners and other issues are evidence the president and vice president have disregarded the Constitution, the veterans said.

The five protesters, veterans of wars in Vietnam and Iraq, are fasting and plan to sit on the platform until Wednesday morning. They are calling for the impeachment of Bush.

Archives spokeswoman Susan Cooper said she had no comment when asked if authorities planned to take any action against the protesters.

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