Oct 6 Weekly Update: Reminder to Register to Vote

VCS Speaks at Sarasota and San Francisco Events, and VCS Reminds Everyone to Register and Vote

October 6, 2008 – First, some great news from our recent VCS road trips. On Saturday, October 4, more than 150 people turned out to hear Professor Juan Cole and me. Juan spoke about the history of the Iraq War, and I spoke about our lawsuit against VA plus other issues impacting our veterans.

VCS thanks Gene Jones at Florida Veterans for Common Sense and Bill Newton at Florida Consumer Action Network for organizing a successful event. These groups are fantastic, and they do lots of wonderful work for our veterans in the Sarasota area. The event they organized was a tremendous success.

On Saturday, September 27, more than 200 top attorneys from the National Organization of Veterans Advocates received an update from VCS about our lawsuit against VA. VCS thanks Wade Bosley, Katrina Eagle, and Rich Cohen at NOVA for inviting us to meet many of the most dedicated and knowledgeable legal minds in the country and share some of our ideas for reforming VA.

Second, here is some important news about voting. For some states, today may be your last chance to register to vote. If you moved or changed your name, then please take the time today and be sure to update your voter registration so you can vote.

This is important: if your state has early voting, consider taking advantage of the short lines by voting today.

VCS is concerned about voting rights because VA, until recently, banned non-partisan voter registration drives at VA nursing homes. In addition, a new and disturbing report released by the Brennan Institute reveals as many as 13 million voters were purged from voting lists. The result, is a “nationwide process [that is] “chaotic,” “shrouded in secrecy”, “riddled with inaccuracies”, “prone to error” and “vulnerable to manipulation.”

There is good news. The Pentagon launched a get out the vote campaign for all troops serving overseas. However, the McCain campaign lost a challenge to absentee ballot procedures in Ohio that could have harmed our service members in the war zones.

In the midst of the election frenzy, VCS needs your help so we can continue meeting with veterans around the country. We receive a large percentage of our funding from members like you. Please click here to give $100 to VCS today.

We want you to know that all your hard work is paying off! Thanks to our landmark lawsuit against VA, plus our Congressional testimony, plus our press coverage, VCS grew by over 2,000 members this year.

VCS asks you to pass this message on to a friend. We want to keep growing, and we want to make sure our message is spread far and wide! Your personal endorsements of VCS to your friends and family keeps VCS fighting for our veterans, our civil liberties, and our national security.

Thank you,

Paul Sullivan, Executive Director

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