Oregon PBS Will Air Documentary on PTSD

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February 9, 2009 – Far too little information exists for American combat veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly referred to as PTSD.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women have been diagnosed with PTSD, and with each new deployment to the war theaters, the number grows. Outside of the standard government programs, answers for this unfortunate problem are sometimes few and far between.

We have received a letter of intent from Oregon Public Broadcasting to air an hour-long documentary that will explore options and therapies for PTSD.

From standard Veteran’s Administration programs to controversial “PTSD Virtual Reality Therapy” under development at USC, to a program that takes combat vets drift boat fishing, we will show Americans how many possibilities actually exist to help people who suffer from this disorder.

By airing this program on PBS and then placing it in libraries througout the nation, and on the Internet, we will eventually reach millions.

At this time, there are too few informative resources to guide and educate sufferers and their families, friends and employers. All those affected need help with the challenges of PTSD.

One of the prime causes of PTSD is war combat, but there is an endless list of traumatic events that can cause a person to suffer from this condition.

Among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans are far more people suffering from PTSD than there are answers. This documentary will present numerous types of therapy options for PTSD sufferers and their families, and it will examine the history and emerging treatments for this disorder.

A good deal more will be released on this in the near future. For now, we are looking for one or more partners who want to be associated with this program by providing production funding. A good deal of the program has already been recorded and the budget is very reasonable.

This is an excellent opportunity for a NW or national business to show in real terms, their committment to the healing of PTSD vets.

Our photojournalist Tim King spent five weeks in Iraq last summer gathering interviews for the documentary with soldiers and Marines in the war theater. These interviews, along with more that King recorded in Afghanistan the two prior years, will be featured in the documentary. They may represent the first time PTSD has been examined in this way from people still fighting the war; people who may later suffer PTSD-related problems, and people who already do.

A documentary presenting the factual data combined with advice from one combat veteran to another is invaluable.

Contact us at newsroom@salem-news.com if you want to help fund the production of this extremely relevant and important program. Exclusivity may be possible.

Any businesses or individuals who want to help us help combat vets and their families, can visit our PayPal link and make a simple contribution with a major credit card. You can remain anonymous if you wish; those who don’t will be featured on a special Internet page lending our gratitude to those who assisted.

We have already made a significant investment to get the project this far and we continue to fund progress on the program every day. We appreciate the help of all who care.

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