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At Veterans for Common Sense we are proud to be fighting for America and her veterans. Advocating for smart and pragmatic policy solutions and using the media to raise awareness and further the discussion on key issues. We have had a great 2012 so far. We have made over 60 office visits on capitol hill advocating for policies that protect our veterans and their future. We have also participated in numerous media interviews helping to shed light on the issues affecting our country and veterans.We are about to release our second impact report of the year. We are also continuing our lawsuit against the VA to gain greater access to mental health services and health care rights. This year we are celebrating a decade of service. We need your help starting our second decade off right. Please read about our major recent accomplishments and donate today to help us build on that success. To make it easier to support VCS we have added PayPal, now you can donate your Ebay proceeds and get a tax deduction.

Thank you very much.

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