Wanted:Veterans and military to stand against for-profit schools and their abuses.

The for-profit education industry faces mounting criticism for its practice of targeting student veterans to take advantage of GI Bill funds. You might know that on April 27, President Obama took a stand against these abuses with an Executive Order to stop these bad actors from preying on Student Veterans.

This didn’t happen out of the blue – President Obama made the Executive Order following efforts by Veterans and VSO’s to call attention to damaging and fraudulent business practices resulting in harm to veterans.

  • 60{cd9ac3671b356cd86fdb96f1eda7eb3bb1367f54cff58cc36abbd73c33c82e1d} of all student veterans at for-profit colleges will drop out within a year of enrollment.
  • The for-profits industry consumes ½ of all GI Bill funding
  • For-profit colleges account for  8 out of the top 10 recipients of GI Bill funding
  • Graduates of for-profits face significantly higher rates of post-graduation unemployment,
  • Have higher student debt loads and exhaust or greatly diminish their GI Bill benefits

While these abuses have garnered attention from the highest levels of our government, much work remains. Changes in federal policy do not automatically result in changes in current behavior or redress damage already done. The industry is a potent lobbying and spending force. We need to be vigilant in our efforts to hold for-profit universities and their parent corporations accountable and to bring about true reform.

To do this, Veterans for Common Sense  has partnered with  Corporate Action Network and others in a comprehensive corporate campaign to fight back against the For-Profit Education Corporations that prey on student veterans.

The goal of the Student Vet Campaign is to publicly confront these corporations and force the for-profit universities to reform their abusive and practices. Our specific demands for reform will be rooted in the  actual experiences and needs of Student Veterans. To make this work, we need your stories, and the stories of those you know who are student veterans.

Our campaign with the Corporate Action Network will formally launch within the next week and is seeking veterans and family members who have been affected by the deceptive practices of for-profit universities to share their stories.

If that applies to you or someone you know and you would be interested in sharing please contact:

Phillip Anderson at 347-678-5042 or email shareyourstory@corporateactionnetwork.org. We need your videos or testimonials in any form to spotlight these practices.

We look forward to standing together to end this abuse,


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