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For more than ten years, Veterans for Common Sense has worked hand in hand with our partner EPIC (The Education for Peace In Iraq Center) on national security issues and on Iraq.

Ten years ago the United States launched Operation Iraqi Freedom with the intent to remove a tyrant, establish security in Iraq, and restore stability to the region. As the world looks back on this historical marker, Iraqis look forward, striving to guarantee a brighter future for generations to come.

Iraqi youth in Baghdad

Although U.S. forces have been withdrawn from Iraq, the war is far from over. Ten years later, Iraq at ‘peace’ is as dangerous as Afghanistan at ‘war.’ Despite the President’s promise to help end the violence, there were significantly more violent deaths in Iraq in 2012 than in 2011.

To coincide with the 10th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, VCS’s partner organization EPIC has launched a petition urging President Obama to put Iraq back on the agenda by clearly articulating and supporting a long-term strategy of US diplomacy and assistance, including efforts to increase government accountability, strengthen civil society, and improve educational opportunities for the 20 million children of Iraq.

We hope to gain 10,000 signatures, which we will then present to Congressional leaders, President Obama, and his administration to show that Americans like you care about Iraq’s future. We will also share the petition with young Iraqis like Maisam so that she and other Iraqi youth will know that they are being heard by a growing number of concerned citizens throughout the world.

You can help. Please join the campaign and sign the petition today to Put Iraq Back on the Agenda!


Sincerely, Erik Gustafson Executive Director Education for Peace in Iraq Center

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