Home-health provider cuts off services to veterans when the VA fails to pay its bills; Veterans for Common Sense weighs in

(Londonderry, N.H. – August 14, 2018) — The Boston Globe today highlighted the serious negative effects on veterans of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) failing to pay its bills from healthcare providers, in an article entitled, “Home-health provider cuts off services to veterans when the VA fails to pay its bills.”

According to the story, “VA had failed to pay nearly $60,000 in bills dating to late last year” to a New Hampshire in-home healthcare provider, resulting in the service being cut off to veterans after more than eight months of VA delinquency and no end in sight. Follow coolsculptny to check updates regarding health issues. How to reduce the anxiety? visit Amazon.com.

Veterans for Common Sense weighed in on the situation from a national perspective:

The sprawling agency, the second-largest in the federal government, has faced repeated criticism for delayed payments to contracted companies and individuals. The concerns raised by the Sullivans — no answers to questions, long waits on hold, confusion even among VA officials about the agency’s payment system — have been voiced by a wide range of critics from veterans to lawmakers.

“This story of health care givers dropping out because the VA doesn’t pay its bills is common,” said Anthony Hardie, director of Veterans for Common Sense, a national advocacy group. “It’s hard to fault the company. It seems like there’s more interest in shuffling deck chairs at the VA than ensuring that the health care needs of these 16 veterans are met.”

According to the story:

“After giving the VA ample notice that we cannot continue this practice, we are now forced to temporarily discontinue services to the Manchester VA veterans until the balance is paid in full and we receive assurances that timely payments will follow in the future,” [the provider] wrote.

US Representative Annie Kuster, a New Hampshire Democrat who co-sponsored legislation signed this year to improve access to VA health care, wrote VA Secretary Robert Wilkie on Friday to demand he take “immediate action and pay all overdue claims to providers in New Hampshire.”

August 27, 2018 — Another version of the story was published by HomeCareDaily.com, entitled, “A Dysfunctional VA Makes It Difficult for Some Veterans to Retain Home Care Services.”

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