Soldier’s Grieving Wife Speaks

Fox 21 News

In an exclusive interview with FOX21’s Grace Polanski, Renea Waltz said, “The military killed my husband.” Renea’s 40-year-old husband, Staff Sergeant Mark Waltz died in their home Monday morning. Waltz said, “Those people who did not help my husband, killed my husband.” The grieving soldier’s wife said her husband was diagnosed with PTSD and BTI [sic] too late, yet deployed to return to war in Iraq again even though he was sick.

Fort Carson said they will not comment about Mark Waltz’s death. A spokesperson said they must wait 24 hours. Fort Carson has defended their treatment of injured and returning soldiers. They deny any claims of neglect or mistreatment. Waltz said, “They’re lying by saying they help soldiers. They do not, now I can’t speak for any other unit, but I sure can speak for 329!” Waltz said soldiers are ridiculed for speaking up about illness. When asked why she is chosing to speak up about her husband, Waltz replied, “My husband died on my couch this (Monday) morning, that’s why people need to open their mouths. People need to call people. There are soldiers out there who are going out to Iraq, losing their lives, for what?”

Staff Sergeant Waltz also leaves behind three children. Waltz’s daughters are shocked about their father’s death. Abbey Waltz said, “I just woke up and I see an ambulance, a fire truck. I ask my mom what’s wrong, she says dad’s dead.” Alley Waltz said, “I come out of my room, and I thought it was a bad dream because I heard everybody screaming, and I saw my mom laying on the ground crying. I looked downstairs and saw my dad and a whole bunch of paramedics around him.”

Renea Waltz said she is looking into getting her husband’s medical records from Fort Carson.

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