Letter to the Editor: Real Cost of War Begins When It Ends

Billings Gazette

February 23, 2008 – The Iraq War must finally change the way Americans support and back their war veterans. How nice it is to wear yellow ribbons and wave American flags in support of our troops; they need all we can give. It’s better than being cussed and spit on! But in my opinion, most people who do these patriotic gestures are only giving cheap, superficial, token, short-term support. I ask a favor of you – take your yellow ribbons and miniature flags and place them in your wallet or purse after the fighting ends. Most Americans have short memories and minds of sheep, a herd mentality that follows a president into war whose cost you cannot calculate. The same Congress and people who support this war and see no problem in spending up to $1 billion a day to kill and destroy will surely do what they have always done in the past.

When this war ends, the dead will be buried and forgotten except by loved ones and on special occasions. Artificial limbs will be made and fitted. Then on with life and goodbye war veterans. If you think I am wrong, just ask any veteran who needs medical help through our VA system.

Living death is another way of dying. The human mind is the most awesome, powerful living thing on earth. But yet, it can be more delicate, fragile and sensitive than the finest crystal. Wounds to the mind are surpassed by nothing else.

Except for the name of the war, this is the same letter I wrote about 19 years ago. It holds true for U.S. veterans today.

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