Campaign Seeks to Draw Awareness to PTSD

ONN Channel 10

January 16, 2009, Columbus, OH – Post traumatic stress disorder is a common disorder that is not commonly discussed. Now a new nationwide campaign seeks to put the disorder into the spotlight.

Glenn Minney was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after leaving Iraq in 2005. He talked with ONN’s Stephanie Mennecke and shared some of his symptoms.

“There are certain things we can’t handle, crowds, loud noises, enclosed space,” Minney said.  “Sometimes I get frustrated.  Someone drops a book at work and I jump.  I’m easily startled, yeah I’m mad.”

That anger led him to take his story public, to promote a new nationwide campaign called Summit For Soldiers.  The goal is to raise awareness about PTSD, and available outlets for help.
Co-founder Cameron Fairman said it is too important not too.

“These are our friends that are affected, these are our brothers and sisters in arms, these are some of us,” said Fairman.

PTSD is a condition veterans said is surrounded by stigma, negative connotation and hurdles.

The campaign wants to make it easy for those who suffer from the disorder to get help all in one place.


Click Here To Learn More About Summit For Soldiers

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