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Below is the text of the latest email update shared by VCS with our members. As we enter our second decade, we think it is important to reflect and remind people who we are and what we have done. Especially as we adapt and plan for the future.


Veterans for Common Sense Leading the Way

Who are we? VCS is made up of veterans dedicated to helping our fellow veterans and continuing our service to America. VCS uses our unique experiences and public policy expertise to achieve results as a progressive voice on a variety of issues. VCS works to support issues important to veterans coming home, such as access to health care, improving mental health resources and education benefits. VCS members also countinue their service to America by supporting issues important to America’s long term safety and prosperity, such as energy independence, the ending of torture and the appropriate use of smart power among other causes.

Who funds us? We are supported primarily by individual contributions. Please support VCS today by donating at


What do we do? VCS exists as a highly successful progressive voice on issues important to veterans. Every day, we proudly work on the front lines in Washington and around America as a proactive, grassroots advocacy organization. VCS brings important issues and solutions to the attention of Congress, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs,the administration,the public and the media.


VCS: 10 Years of Success

Does it work? Yes ! VCS achieves significant results for our service members and veterans on issues like medical care, disability benefits,suicide prevention and reducing stigma against veterans. Our efforts mean more doctors, faster care, and billions more dollars spent on our veterans. We also work on broader high-profile issues such as ending torture, a smarter energy policy, and preventing unilateral war. In August 2012, VCS celebrates our 10th Anniversary, please read our accomplishments just in the past five years. ./

Will you help VCS today? To continue this work we need your support. We are proud to be entering into our second decade fighting for America and her veterans. If you want to be part of a progressive and advocacy-based solution, please donate today Or by mailing a check to 900 Second Street NE Suite 216 Washington DC 20002



Thank you for your support.


Patrick Bellon, MPA

Iraq Veteran

Executive Director

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