VCS Supports Senator Webb’s Military and Veterans Education Reform Act of 2012


Below is the text of an official letter of support from Veterans for Common Sense

in support of  important legislation designed to ensure our military recieve a quality education. Please tell your elected officials to support this reform


The Honorable Jim Webb

United States Senate 248 Russell Senate Office Bldg

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Webb:

Veterans for Common Sense (VCS) strongly supports your urgently needed legislation, ”The Military and Veterans Education Reform Act of 2012”. VCS supports the critical reforms contained in this bill. We must protect the integrity of our higher education system and the promise of the Post 9/11 GI Bill and DOD tuition assistance programs. These benefits are to help our service members and veterans succeed when they come home; we owe it to them to ensure that success to the best of our abilities.

When our military and veterans chose to pursue a higher education they should have the confidence that the institution and the courses it offers meet basic standards. To that end our military and veterans need full access to all the information relevant to making a fully informed decision about their education. VCS has been troubled by serious problems among a number of for-profit colleges. VCS is concerned in particular with the aggressive, misleading and manipulative recruiting tactics, as well as the lack of transparency regarding basic facts about the performance and the accreditation credentials of a number of these for-profit colleges. VCS believes that “The Military and Veterans Education Reform Act of 2012”, addresses and will seek to correct many of these deficiencies.

Protecting our service members and veterans’ future should be our highest priority; the future of America depends on it. VCS supports “The Military and Veterans Education Reform Act of 2012”, and we hope the bill receives prompt hearings and a quick passage.


Patrick Bellon, MPA

Iraq Veteran 

Executive Director

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