June 2 Update: VCS Brings VA’s PTSD Crisis into National Spotlight

As Americans focus on summer travel plans, Veterans for Common Sense keeps fighting to publicize and fix issues you care about. In 2002, VCS warned that VA was unprepared for casualties. Now, VA is treating 300,000 patients, inluding 75,000 with PTSD. However, VCS is very concerned that only 33,000 were granted VA disability benefits for PTSD.

In this update, VCS highlights a series of articles that shows PTSD is finally getting some attention, due to the work of VCS. Below, you will read about a series of abuses relating to PTSD. VCS advocates for full mandatory VA funding and planning so our veterans have a roadmap to recovery. We accomplish all that we do thanks to generous support from our members. Please, click here to help us help America’s veterans.

Summer temperatures rise and so do rates of PTSD. Last week, the Pentagon released a report showing a 50{cd9ac3671b356cd86fdb96f1eda7eb3bb1367f54cff58cc36abbd73c33c82e1d} increase in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases in 2007.

As PTSD becomes more prevalent, Veterans for Common Sense wants all Americans to realize the debilitating effects of untreated PTSD. PTSD can only be treated if it is recognized, and research shows that stigmatizing PTSD reduces the number of veterans seeking care. That’s why we became furious when James Peake said that PTSD and TBI are nothing more than a highschool football injury.

Next, VCS is disapointed that military insurance is inadequate in meeting mental health care needs.

Furthermore, we are outraged that sexual assault on female soldiers is not an official cause of PTSD.

A VA employee in Jackson, Mississippi, gives hope that reform is on the way when he blows the whistle on a bungled claims processing system. James G. “Bo” Maske states ‘improper denials, poor service to veterans,’ slows claims processing to a crawl.

These incidents and problems at VA raise serious questions about VA’s current leadership in Washington. Our soldiers need their war experiences validated, not denigrated. VCS calls on our elected officials to create a safety net for our veterans. Please, contribute today to Veterans for Common Sense so we can continue fighting for our veterans’ rights.

Finally, lest we forget the reason we fight this fight, a tragic story illustrates what can go wrong when VA fails to come through with prompt PTSD treatment.

The only way to provide proper care for our veterans is with full mandatory funding for VA. VCS encourages veterans to come forward and seek VA assistance if they have concerns. We want VA to be ready, willing, and able to provide assistance. Click here to set up a monthly contribution today and help fuel our fight and do right by America’s veterans.

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