Oklahoma City Army Veteran Charged with Making Bombs

The Oklahoman

January 8, 2009 – Steven Andrew Jordal, 24, was arrested Dec. 22 after an informant told Oklahoma City police Jordal was trying to sell such devices to criminals.

Jordal, a former infantry tank specialist in the Army, was carrying a homemade bomb in a plastic bag when he was arrested, according to court papers.

Jordal let police search his home at 3019 NW 48, where the bomb squad found eight additional explosive devices, detective Jason Hodges wrote in an affidavit. The search also yielded evidence Jordal had been building bombs there, police said.

Six of the devices were made from black powder and some kind of fuse or electronic ignition device, according to Oklahoma County prosecutors. The others contained a rocket motor with fuel and a spike meant to be fired from a tube. All of the devices were destroyed by the bomb squad, according to the police affidavit.

After his arrest, Jordal admitted making and trying to sell explosive devices, Hodges wrote. He had been on his way to sell one when he was arrested, police said.

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